Using Rentals In Saleturf

Using Rentals In Saleturf

Next let’s look at rentals. Back in the old days when I still worked in a music store, rentals were our bread and butter. Renting things like brass and woodwind and especially drum kits, it kept the lights on when things were lean in the slower summer months that all music stores suffer from. Because of that, we built rentals into Saleturf. To get there, click here under products on the left hand side


which will take you here


where we can now build out our products, let’s go through that together

click the purple plus in the top right

from here you can tell that you build this out exactly like any normal product except this section



where you can set your weekly, monthly, daily and 3 day price, and after that, you can use them to track rentals from your brick and mortar store, easy as that. Seriously. Our system charges cards on file automatically, and keeps track of who was rented what. Now it should be mentioned that rentals are not installed by default in all of our websites, if you would like to have it added to your website, send a request to for more information.