Managing Vendors in Saleturf

Managing Vendors in Saleturf

one very important thing when it comes to selling anything is knowing who you get your products from. In the old days we just had maybe a word document with the information written on it, but when you have a larger company or multiple locations its good to try to keep all that information in once place. With Saleturf you can do that. First we need to go here to manage our vendors


which will take us here


here we have a test vendor set up as an example, but these are designed to hold all the important information you will need to conduct business with all your vendors.


Let’s click the purple edit icon to see what all is in here



here we see a full list of items that can be used to easily keep track of how to contact your vendor, everything from where theyre located and how to talk to them to the password you will need to access their websites. In the about us section you can easily put basic notes about “ask for Mary, she is our internal rep” so that newer hires can easily be brought up to speed on reaching out to get information etc direct from vendors.

At the top we also have general store which will take you here


this is for putting basic information about the vendor in question, like what their shipping and return policy is, there is also meta data areas incase you want to display some of this vendor information publicly, which we typically suggest against, unless specified to do so by the vendor in question, such as if they are a smaller local business and they want some type of exposure.


Next is data store

this is where we put basic url information for the company in question as well as any tax info and logos for the brands in question.