How to Ban IP addresses

How to Ban IP addresses

while rare, we have personally dealt with, and have had customers occasionally deal with a ddos attack. Typically this is just done by some hacker group to try and extort money out of a business, and sometimes its just your network getting attacked because you’re linked to someone elses. We have planned ahead for this at Saleturf, and you can actually block people attacking your site directly by blocking their IP address. This is also a useful technique to use if you have a customer who you no longer want to interact with for one reason or another as you can block them from your website altogether, but for the most part it is to block automated ddos attacks, or attempts to hack into your website coming from one or two computers.

To get to our blocked IP screen go here


which will take you here


from here just click the purple plus in the top right


and input the IP addresses


now to find the ip address of the customer in question, you can go here


this should list all customers on the account at any given time, but if the customer doesn’t show up, or blocking it here doesn’t solve the issue, please contact us at, we will fix it.