Adding New Users and Modifying Permissions

Adding New Users and Modifying Permissions

We love helping businesses here at Saleturf, we want you to be able to expand, and part of expanding a business is hiring staff. But when you hire someone new, often that means they will need a new login to your system, so let’s show you how to do that. First go here to users


from here to add a new user click the purple check mark in the top right



this will take you here


and here you can fill out the users information quite easily. From here, it is important to define what the new user can and cannot do by going to user permissions, this is done by setting their user group, it will default to whichever is first in your user permission center. We suggest making sure not everyone in the company is an admin, as honestly only 1 or 2 people need admin privileges at any one time. To modify the user permission groups, go here


editing any of these, will show you what all they have access to

just make sure everyones access is limited only to what they should be working on.