Adding Marketplaces to Your Store in Saleturf

Adding Marketplaces to Your Store in Saleturf

at Saleturf we want you to be able to get all your products up on multiple sites with ease. One of the reasons we created Saleturf in the first place was the bad experience we had working at an online music store, having to manually list items on our website, on our ebay page, on our amazon storefront, and on our reverb store front. We tried numerous options to list them all at once, and everyone of them we found lacking. That’s why with Saleturf we have tried to make integration with other sales platforms as easy as we can, so let me show you how to add a marketplace in our system.

First on the lefthand side, click on systems, then settings, then marketplaces

here you will have your websites at the top, and shopping sites at the bottom


our test store Seeca Beauty has a few other test platforms attached, a furniture store, and a pool supply store, setting up multiple stores like this is very easy, but we will address that in a future Tutorial, right now let’s focus on the shopping sites settings

now you can see that this store has a bit set up, on the right of the shopping sites box, you can see the usual pen for edit, and a green plus sign. Judging by this you can tell that we already have an amazon, an ebay, a google shopping, and a reverb store setup for our overall storefront. To add a new one, like a walmart, we just click that green plus


clicking that green plus takes us here

once you have set up your walmart store, you just need to get the ID, the private key, the shipping type and the linked store name and put it in here, and there you have it, you are connected to a new store front


every store type has a different set of requirements but they are all roughly the same thing


here is amazon

here is Ebay

google shopping


and lastly Reverb

if you can fill out this info, you can link your store to any of these, once you have the store you want connected to filled out, just click save at the top right