Adding Videos To Product Descriptions

Adding Videos To Product Descriptions

sometimes we can describe something with every word in the dictionary, and with every synonym we can think of, but it still just isn’t enough. Sometimes the only thing that will do, is video. Because of this we at Saleturf have made it super easy for you to embed videos into product descriptions. We have 3 ways to do this, and I will walk you through all 3 right now.


First things first, let’s look at a product. For this example, I chose an electric guitar, simply because since I have to make this tutorial, I might as well make it about something I know a little bit about, and because musical instruments and their specific tone and timbre is genuinely difficult to describe sometimes. So let’s go ahead and pull up this product


here we have a product description for an archtop jazz guitar, the description lists what wood its made out of, the number of frets, the color of the binding and the electronics mounted on it, but that really doesn’t tell us how it sounds. Something like this is perfect for a video


click here to add a youtube video




from here it’s pretty straightforward if you’ve ever posted a youtube video on a site like Facebook or something, you can post the embed code for the video, which can be found by clicking the Share button on youtube, or you can just copy the URL and post that in here too. You can adjust the height and width of the frame, choose to turn off suggested videos, have it start automatically (not suggested) and choose when to start the video if say there is talking before the actual product demonstration or if the video demonstrates multiple products. Luckily I reviewed this specific item way back when so I already have a video made up for it.


I’m just going to copy the URL, as it’s easier


This video was shot when I was still in college, in a much older version of my home studio so pardon the video quality and the general messiness of the room if you so choose to look it up.

I’m going to paste it here


now that’s usually all you’ll have to do, but it’s important to make sure you are at a point in the paragraph where you can actually place this video, as some of our customers have pointed out, or this can happen


what I like to do is hit enter (or return) twice after the last item on the list and then embed the video that way it shows up like this


the second and third option for posting a video on your product are almost identical to this one, click here to find out


this will look like this



and it will work exactly the same, paste your URL, and press ok

the last way to post a video in the description is the third option listed there.


Clicking that will take you here



and again, paste the URL and there you go



and there you go, an easy way to spice up your product descriptions.