Updating Inventory Via Excel Sheets or CSV

Updating Inventory Via Excel Sheets or CSV

at Saleturf we took a lot of what we learned working at previous jobs, using similar systems, taking what we liked and fixing what we didn’t. With that said one of the most common issues we’ve seen with other systems like ours, is inventory tracking. We designed Saleturf to be the one inventory system you actually need. But, we know that some of you are going to use a secondary system to track it, whether thats because you have a brick and mortar store that is already using one system and you really just want Saleturf for your online system, or you have a second system that you already really like and you just want Saleturf to connect to it in some way easily.


So that being said, what if you need to update your entire inventory, or sync your inventory with another system? Easy, a simple Excel sheet...well a CSV, but in plain english most of us just say an excel sheet.


To begin, let’s go to our inventory

and click here



the returned file will look something like this, we here at Saleturf tend to use Libre Office instead of Microsoft office, so my CSV might look a little different then yours, but it should still work just the same


now, if for some reason you needed to update these in bulk, all you would need is to either A) Manually change all of these quantities by hand, or much easier B) whatever system you are needing to sync this with, as long as it has the same products, you can likely just get a CSV from it, copy the quantity column from there, and move it back here.


Once you have upgraded all of the quantities you need to


go here


click on import products


set it up like this


and click the purple checkmark in the top corner

set this up the way it needs to be


click continue or skip in the top right corner and then fill this out

fill this out and then click save and continue or skip, and then fill this out


after you click the purple check, this should happen

and there you go, all of your quantities should now be adjusted, if they arent please feel free to contact us at support@saleturf.com