Bulk Image Uploading

Bulk Image Uploading

this one was something that really bugged as here at Saleturf with other similar products on the market. Getting a product live on your site should be easy. Writing out a product description and posting it into a product should be easy, no writing everything out in HTML like its the 90’s, just copy and paste it, and posting images should be just as easy. In the past, when I was working with another product let’s call them “Large Commerce” I had to upload every picture separately, one after another for most products thats fine, you only have maybe a front and back picture that needs posted. But sometimes, especually if you run an ebay store that sells older items, or even vintage items, that can be a pain. I was working at a music store through college, and sometimes we took in vintage guitars and sold them on ebay, and the pictures had to be huge, and there had to be a lot of them. Pics of the serial number, pics of each individual ding or dent, pics of where the paint is starting to spider web etc. I’m talking 10-20 pictures per item. When you have to take the picture, pull it into photoshop or lightroom for color correction, and then upload each one to the website, where each upload took about 15-20 seconds per picture, I mean the uploading alone, not counting the process of clicking on the browse button, then desktop, then the folder the picture was stored in etc, uploading alone took 6 minutes, and the whole process of getting the pictures uploaded to the page, well it took longer then 10 minutes. What I’m trying to say is there had to be an easier way.

So we made an easier way


here is how you can upload as many images as you want in Saleturf, at once. Let’s look at that this guitar we uploaded in a previous example.


now if we go to images here, we will see that it is blank 


let’s fix that, and let’s fix that FAST.

So I own this guitar, so I just went and took a few pictures.
Here they are, I am simply going to download them all


I am then going to click on upload on Saleturf

highlight all of them


and then click open


and there we go, all 7 pictures, taken processed and uploaded in about 30 seconds.

The process of creating, and uploading a product on Saleturf when compared to other competing systems I’ve used over the past 10 years, is light years faster, and infinitely more powerful.