Making a Coupon

Making a Coupon

one of the most important things in a stores metaphorical tool kit are ways to make your products more attractive then that same product somewhere else. An easy way to make your product more attractive is to reduce its price. The easist way to do this is to put it on sale, bundle it with something or give out a coupon. We find that coupons are great tools to create returning customers, just send an email after their first purchase with a few coupons for products they might want, or an across the board coupon for 10% or something can easily help build a reliable customer base. Creating a coupon in saleturf is easy, just go here


this will take you to the coupon dashboard


from here like so much else in Saleturf, all we have to do is click that purple plus in the top right


from here, creating a coupon code is simple, just add the numbers and coupon code, and put any items that need to be blocked, or categories that need to be blocked and there you go. For example here is a simple coupon we’ve mocked up


a 15% coupon across the board, all items, but if I have a set of items that I need to block, here is a simple way to do so


I just made it so beauty tools, usually small cheap items anyways arent effected by the coupon. Another idea would be to make a category specifically to block coupons and apply that to items that you don’t want to have them ahead of time. Say you have a manufacturer with a really strict map policy, mark all their products with a category that is called “no coupon” for example and on all coupons just exclude the category “no coupon” and there you have it, an easy way to avoid getting in trouble with a supplier.