Bulk Editing

Bulk Editing

at saleturf we know that rome wasnt built in a day, and sometimes you are going to add something to your website that will need to be added to a lot of things all at once. Maybe its a coupon proof category, maybe its a mass change of prices, we can do it, we can edit multiple products all at once. To do this, at the top of the products list there are these buttons


with these we can edit as many products as we want at once. As an example let’s go through them one by one


first let’s add categories on 3 items at once. I’ve selected 3


next I am going to click bulk edit categories


now I am just going to add another category to them


it will likely ask you if you are sure before doing so


I will click ok


and there you go, thats it

for bulk editing filters, and by that we mean things like colors etc for each item, just click bulk edit filters which will take you here


to bulk edit pricing, you will get this


this will change all of these categories for all products, be careful not to leave anything set to 0


on bulk edit marketplaces it will look quite similarly, our test website just has well….the website, but if you have amazon or ebay they will be up at the top of the page there to modify the pricing etc on that website. Again, be careful not to leave any of them blank


for bulk edit attributes, it looks like this



we also have bulk edit active, where we can pull the items off of any website we have listed, so our test store uses 3 different websites, and if we only wanted some of these items for sale on 1 and they were currently up on 2 or 3, we could fix that real fast with this, and if you have some items on amazon but maybe a manufacturer changes their rules and doesn’t want you selling on say amazon anymore, this can fix that real fast too

lastly is our catch all category, “More bulk edits” where we have a few seperate items you can choose to use

each of these is designed to edit everything from 1 or 2 products up to every single product in your store all at once, using this along with the search filter will allow you to easily manage all your items in any way you want, as quick as you want.