Using Product Filters Within Saleturf

Using Product Filters Within Saleturf

one of the hardest things about running a modern store is the sheer amount of product we sometimes have to keep track of, we have items on hand, items at our local warehouse, items at our store across town, items at the stall we rent at the local flea market, and items we can drop ship. Sometimes, its hard to remember what we have, and where it is, and that is why we have filters. Let’s look at how the filtering system inside of Saleturf works

let’s look at the product page, to begin, lets click on the purple filter button in the top right

now we can filter by a lot of different variables, go ahead and click the plus sign to begin

here you can see we can filter by a LOT, the first line allows us to select what it is we want to filter, and before we go further I want to mention we can run a nearly infinite number of filters concurrently, so if you want to know how many XYZ’s we have in stock, and how many XYZ’s were bought in August, we can do both of those at the same time.

The second line allows us to figure out how we want to sort it, equals to, like, less then etc.

the last line allows us to type out what it is we want to judge everything by, this simple example is just manufacturers equal to manufacturer example, so we can look through all of our products to see just the products by one manufacturer at a time. Which is useful for creating PO’s we can go through our inventory to see what is selling the fastest, to see what we don’t have on hand, the filtering tools within Saleturf are quite robust.


And there you have it, the basics of using the filtering tool within Saleturf.


Now sometimes you might run into an issue where your filters negate everything out and when you go to search it just shows up blank, to fix this just click the filter button again and click the orange minus sign to the right of some of the filters and then try to search again.