Bundling in Saleturf

Bundling in Saleturf

one of the truths about selling a lot of things online is, things are cut throat. The introduction of MAP pricing has sort of leveled the field for most products, being unable to list them below map anywhere, meaning almost everyone selling XYZ product, has to sell it for the exact same price. There are of course a few ways around this, coupons, unlisted prices, or another easier option, bundles.

Bundles allow us to take two or three items, and sell them together for one combined price, now some companies still have rules for how much lower you can drop a price when they are bundled, so make sure you check your contracts before going much further. Basically the idea of bundles, and what makes them attractive to stores are two fold, you make a simple item that is a one click solution for someone who might not be super familiar with what it is you sell, great for people buying christmas gifts of say art supplies, or musical equipment. Or you can lower the price of one or two things by bundling them with something you can afford to drop the price quite a bit on. A favorite example from back when I used to sell musical gear online was bundling a fairly nice guitar with a cheap starter amp, the amp usually had a nicer map to cost ratio then the guitar, so we could lower the margin on the amp, and suddenly it looks like we had effectively dropped the price on the guitar almost 80 dollars. A great think to have on hand around christmas when parents want to get their kid a nice guitar and an amp.


So let’s go into how to make bundles yourself. Step 1 click on item data and click on bundles

from here we see this screen


from here it is fairly close to creating a product manually, go ahead and click that purple plus button

we will fill this out fairly similarly to a standard product, as our site will treat this like a single product even though it is actually a bundle of a few products, here I have added a few sets of false nails


let’s hypothetically say that the 6.99 and 5.99 are the map prices for these nails, and we have a lot of them and we want to get them off our hands (no pun intended)


so let’s put this as the price


now we can hopefully liquidate these nails

lastly we just need to put our buffer quantity so that we don’t oversell and put a category.


and that is most of what we have to do that is actually different then putting up a manual product, we still need to list a marketplace, put a picture, reward points, purchase protection etc.


and that is it, you can save and move on to your next project.