Creating Knowledge Base Articles for your Website

Creating Knowledge Base Articles for your Website

when it comes to training new hires, one of the most helpful tools we have are training material. As you can see, they are very useful at taking parts of your business model that might be difficult to explain, or complex enough that you would usually need to take notes on it, and instead put it in an easy to read print out that your employees can just read. We’ve found these useful for training staff up on everything from how to use the cash register system, using your shipping system to even basic things like how to operate your company time clock.


To create a new knowledge base article for your site, go here

from here, to create a new article simply click the purple plus in the top corner to go to the create an article page


you see three items here with orange *s next to them, those need to be filled out, and they can all be the exact same title as they really are just different forms of the articles title. For the description, just use a combination of text, pictures and screenshots to convey what needs taught and you’re more or less done. Before you post it though there is one other area that needs to be adjusted to get there go up here to where it says data

from here you can select what category this tutorial falls under, what items its related to, where in the order of articles it belongs and if it needs to be displayed at this time or not

and thats it, thats how you create and list a tutorial in Saleturf.