“HELP I keep getting kicked out of my store!”

“HELP I keep getting kicked out of my store!”

okay so this is actually very easy to fix, first let’s go over how our site tracks you being on the site.

At the top of your window in the url you can see a number

this number is used to mark who you are on our system, we keep a token on your local machine, and a token on our server, and as long as that token on the machine matches the one in the url, and the one on our server you will not be kicked off the site.


“So, how come I keep getting kicked off then?”


The most common reason we see for this is someone opening a new window

usually things get busy at the store, someone comes in while you’re working on something, maybe they want to place an order, so you open a new tab, click on the sale turf link
and click login at the top

so here is the issue
at this login screen to open a second window, let’s read what it says at the top

it says we have an invalid token, well, no time to pay attention to that right, customers in front of me, they need to check out, let me login and open the POS console


but look at this, let’s look at the token in the URL again, the one in the back is the OLD code, and the one on the POS console page is the NEW one

we can see that the numbers don’t match, the code has changed from where we logged BACK into the system


logging in a second time overwrote the code, so the code on our servers, the code on your machine and the code in the URL now have changed so the original window, is now INVALID


so when I go back to the first screen and try to do something there, I will get this screen again

because my token is invalid now


“SO, that all being said…..How do I fix it?”


Simple, when that customer comes up and asks you to drop what youre doing and process their order, instead of opening a new tab at the top of the screen and clicking saleturf or opening a new tab and typing in Saleturf, instead right click and select open in new tab


there now we have 2 separate windows open, BUT importantly both of them have the same URL code, so we can keep these windows open for hours and not get booted off


hopefully this solves your issue, if not send us a line at support@saleturf.com and we will see what we can do to help you out