The End of Day Report

The End of Day Report

let’s talk about one of the most important things for a business, the end of day report. We at Saleturf have worn many hats, from warehouse workers, and graphic designers, to tax agents and software architects, so we know every part of a business is imporant but the thing that makes it all move is money, and often the only real way to track money with any sort of reliability is comparing the end of day report to another system on hand. Often this will be comparing a list of what all was shipped out to their respective invoices, or the cash register amount left at the end of the day. Back in the before times I personally worked for a music store were we used a system, let’s call it Large Commerce, and a separate inventory tracking system that the boss had been using in one for or another since the late 80s. At the end of the night, I would print the end of day report from each and make sure they both matched before filing them away for tax reporting purposes. Most of our customers do something similar.

At Saletuf we have a pretty spot on inventory tracking system, but its still important to cross check your numbers, we all know how easy it is to press a button on accident after all. With that all being said, let’s look at how Saleturf handles the end of day report. First things first, let’s go here on the left hand side


clicking on that will take you here.


now it should be mentioned we are looking at an actual customers store here, they are one of our long time partners here at Saleturf, as none of our test stores have proper sales in them, as they are just test stores. So we will be looking at a small sample of their data, but all the important parts of said data will be blurred out

the first thing we need to do here is to select what range of dates we are looking at. Let’s just do one week, from the 4th to the 8th

and before we click filter, we NEED to select the store on the left hand side. Typically we are just going to set this to default, but if you have multiple stores you will need to select the correct location.


and now, once ALL of that is done, click filter


this will give you a (hopefully) huge list of all of your orders that fall within that date range. At the bottom of it you have a button that says batch

that is how you will actually print your end of day report, and this print out will look more or less identical to this page, a print out of all orders and their amounts, the total of sales, the total of taxes and refunds, and the deposit going to the bank.

There you have it. How to print an end of day report in Saleturf.