How To Add Notes to Orders From The Order List And From The POS System

How To Add Notes to Orders From The Order List And From The POS System

One thing that we can all agree is important in business is communication. Being able to properly communicate requests from a customer, small requests to and from the payment processing department or the shipping department, or even just quick messages from the front of the store to the back of the store are important. With that being said, we at Saleturf have built a system to tie messages directly to orders so small things like “inspect this customers order” or “pick them out a good one” can easily be tied to someones order. There are two ways to do this so let’s look at the most used one first


first go to the order list


and simply click here



which will take you here

here you can easily add new notes or modify notes for this customers order. It should be noted that these notes don’t show up on the invoice so whatever you type out to your staff about this customer or their order is internal only nothing that can go out to the customer. We are looking to add a section that will print on invoices, but that will roll out in a future update

the second way to add notes like this is to actually add them on the POS screen


it’s legitimately this easy, just click here


and you’ll get this



and that’s it, that’s all you have to do to leave simple notes on a customers order in Saleturf.