Selling Non Catalog Items

Selling Non Catalog Items

once in a blue moon you are going to sell something that you havent even gotten the chance to put into your system yet. Back in the before times, in college when I was selling new and used musical equipment, a man came in and sold us a 1965 fender mustang in daphne blue, it had been his dads, he didn’t play and he wanted to know what he could get for it. Around 2012 when this happened those were trading in the low thousand dollar range, like 1400 to 1600 on the high end. Low balled the guy $990 or so for it, figured it was an easy 500 bucks, plus it was a decent chunk of change and the dude clearly had no idea what it was worth. Guy bit. We got a guitar. Not 10 minutes later, while I am cleaning it up, getting it ready to go take pictures for our website etc, someone comes in and asks to buy it for 2k

in a situation like that, there can be no hesitation, and you do not want to wait the 10 minutes it will take to list it in your system less the customer changes their mind and suddenly 1010 bucks walks out the door.

With saleturf there is a super easy way to handle a situation like this, sell it as a non catalog item… in our old system there wasnt an easy way to do this, and it took much longer then 10 minutes to put it in our point of sales system so I ended up selling it and just hand writing it on paper and using the security camera footage for the store to prove to my boss it was all above board….but thats a story for another day, let’s look at how we would handle THIS same situation in Saleturf


first let’s go to our POS system



next, and this is the hard part, click here.


which will take you here

from here we can input all important information


and at this point I can just press add production

and there you have it, I can take payment immediately.


in our experience having to do this is rare, but it can happen. More often then not it has to do with someone not inputting something into their system before putting it out on the floor, or when the store gets really busy and rather then try to look an item up by name or sku number the cashier would just type in what was on the tag and the price on the tag and sell it like that...we really don’t suggest to do that, but we get that it happens. Just make sure to later go back and update the quantities.