Creating Gift Cards in Saleturf

Creating Gift Cards in Saleturf

gift cards are a great way to move product around the holidays, because a grandparent or cousin might know that someone is into something, but might have no idea what they actually want. Because of this we wanted to make creating gift cards in Saleturf as easy as possible. To begin go here


clicking there will take you here


once here we can click the purple plus sign to begin creating a new gift card



the code is either the gift card code, or the number from the barcode on the actual physical gift card, now we don’t sell prepackaged gift cards for you to use, but many services can supply you with them at a very fair price, all you’ll do is use a card scanner and scan the cards code into this line before giving it back to the customer at the time of purchase.

From there just take their information and when they bring the card back you’ll have a record of how much it is, the message etc that is tied to it.


There is a line there for theme, and you can create themes to go with these, maybe one for makeup, maybe one for clothing or accessories only etc, if you choose to do that, all you do is go to themes under cards on the left


from here creating a new theme will take you here

where you simply give the voucher type a name and an image.

And there you have it, thats how you make gift cards