the point of sales console

The Point of Sales Console

for many of you, a large portion of your sales are still in person, in a brick and mortar store and the good news for you is, Saleturf can directly integrate into your normal work flow as well

we have a built in point of sales terminal in our system that can be used as a complete POS Terminal


to get to this terminal, go to orders on the left hand side and click on POS Console


this will take us here


now there are a lot of options here, but it is laid out very logically. Lets start by putting in a hypothetical order. I am going to type in something to search through our system to find the item in question. Typically to check someone out, the easist thing to do is to just use a Code-128 capable barcode scanner, and most usb scanners on the market are Code-128 compatible, to scan in the UPC on the item, and add that to your order. but I am not at a store front, I am in my home office, so I need to search for a product instead, and these searches are done by either SKU or name, which should work for most stores, if for some reason that doesn’t work for you, please contact us and we can find a way to accommodate you.

Our test store is a makup and beauty store, so I searched for Skull, to find this skull makeup bag

once I click on that, it will add that to my sale list

now we can have the customer pay for this item this can be done by clicking one of the options on the right. Cash for cash payments, credit for credit card payments and pay options will take us here, which regardless of how a customer is paying, is usually what I default to clicking

so you will see cash, credit card, credit card by Stripe, reward points, and store credit.

Now we do have Stripe as an integrated client in our system, and we do suggest using stripe as a credit card reader, but you can still use the standard usb card readers as well, that just take the magnetic code on the card and convert it to text. However for safety and security reasons, we do suggest switching to a Stripe terminal for your POS console.


You have 3 options, void complete and park, park is to hold the order for later


you can see there is also an add button, incase the customer wants to use multiple forms of currency to pay for an item. Say $100 on one card, and $100 on another.


Void eliminates the order from the system, complete charges it, and again park holds the order so you can make additional changes it it.


Before we end this tutorial let’s go over the final few options on the POS terminal



close closes out the case, void again erases it from your system, park puts it on hold, discount allows you to add a discount to the order, coupon is similar but tied to existing coupons, complete charges the order, comment allows you to write a comment on said order, and print, well that prints out a receipt.


And that is how you use the Saleturf point of sales console