Making a PO in Saleturf

Making a PO in Saleturf

making a good PO is essential for maintaining a successful business, and luckily Saleturf has an amazing integrated PO builder. Lets walk through how to use that system now


first, let’s look at our products list


now let’s click the purple filter button in the top right

now we want to filter for a specific manufacturer, since most PO’s are specific to only one manufacturer at a time. To add a filter, press the plus sign at the right side.

you can scroll down in the first drop down to find manufacturer towards the bottom

there is also a drop down of search categories, we want to leave it on equals


lastly let’s choose a manufacturer, now our test store is a beauty store, and none of the test items have real brands, so we have a sample manufacturer built in, so I am going to type that sample manufacturer in


lastly we click the purple filter button, now this is going to sort everything so fast there wont be any loading page that pops up or anything, but you will likely notice the items listed below will have changed


we now have 7 items from this example manufacturer, so lets select all of them, by clicking the check box at the top


now let’s scroll back up to the top and click our create PO button

now, this is going to take us to our create a PO page, which will look like this


now we just need to put in the PO name, a store location, the estimated date of arrival, the vender it needs sent to, shipping type, and payment setup. So it will look like this



next we need to input the quantities for all 7 items, just fill in the quantities.

And there you have it, it’s that easy. Now there is another way to fill out the PO


so, if you have a Code-128 capable barcode scanner, and most usb barcode scanners are code 128 capable, you can just open a blank PO, and scan in each item. As you scan the barcode, it will load in a new product at the bottom of the list, and then you can fill out the quantities as needed

once youre done, just click the save button at the TOP of the PO, which will return you to here


now click the checkbox to the left of the PO, and then click print at the top right

from here you can either print out the PO physically if your vender still prefers to have PO’s faxed to them, print it to pdf so you can email it to a rep, or just click the envelope button at the top to send the PO out to the client automatically, so long as their information has been manually filled out in your Saleturf system


and that’s it, that is how you create and send a PO in Saleturf!